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The Lencan Indians are one of the first known peoples of Honduras, some 1500 years ago. This pottery is handmade by the Lencan women of today using the same ancient techniques. Each piece is unique and reflects ethnic tradition and contemporary creativity. Lencan pottery stands out as one of the most impressive and original artisanries of Central America.


The art of Lenca pottery is presently being restored by a small population of Lencan women who have formed groups to restore and promote this unique Pre-Columbian art of their people. From the youngest to the eldest, all participate in its process and structure. Lenca pottery is an artistic and cultural heritage that makes Honduras proud!


Beautiful pots, ancient art, authentic Honduran!


Junco baskets are made in La Arada, a small mountain village near Santa Barbara, Honduras. The village is known for its female artisans who specialize in producing items from the indigenous junco reed. An arduous 9-stage dying and preparation process is necessary to prepare the junco, but the women who do the weaving are glad for the work and take great pride in their skills. The women have formed a co-op called “Promoción La Arada,” hoping to bring income directly into their poor farming village.

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