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Ethnic Honduran Art Exhibit Center

The History Continues. Tradition in Today's World.

Craft production in Honduras connects the ancient past to the present day of today.  The center art exhibit center at Maya Key features a small sample of the quality of Honduran craftsmanship in clay, natural fibers, wood, and silver. All pieces have emerged from tradition but enriched with new and innovative designs introduced by potters and weavers, who are predominantly women and by wood carvers and silversmiths, who are primarily men.

Lenca Pottery has been chosen to lead this exhibit center. The Lenca people who create these beautiful works of art are believed to be the descendants of the earliest Honduran settlers.

Honduran Metals and Jewelry with Copan motifs, complemented with semi-precious stones such as jadeite, turquoise, onyx, and pearls are among the finest in Honduran crafts. Although these jewels are luxury items, they have also become another craftsmanship of national pride.

Made from the variety of natural fibers from various species of palms, on display are the exquisite Junco Baskets, Mats and Dolls. Natural and dyed fibers are woven together create colorful, geometric designs.

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