Your Visit Saves Lives

Support Maya Key's Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation

Because of your visit, we are able to continue our work in rescuing injured, orphaned, confiscated, and donated wildlife. Exotic wildlife in Honduras is particularly vulnerable to poachers who sell them in the black market. We’re the only rescue center of our kind in this community that strives to minimize the loss of these exotic animals.

Our US board certified veterinarian and wildlife dieticians ensure the excellent health of the animals in our care. In addition, wildlife specialists from numerous US institutions regularly review our staff to help us give our animals the highest level of care possible.

With exhibits specifically designed to mimic the animals’ natural habitat, we hope to minimize their stress and make them feel comfortable during their stay. When we do provide one-on-one encounters with our guests, we do so in a structured setting. Once an animal is rehabilitated, our goal is to release them into their natural environment whenever possible.

If you’d like to make an additional donation to support our conservation efforts, please click below. Your donation goes directly to our work in rescuing and caring for wildlife at Maya Key. Thank you for helping us save orphaned and injured Honduran wildlife!

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